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Academies Enterprise Trust leads the way for UK academies with G Suite
Amherst Central Schools encourage collaboration across grade levels and at home using Google for Education tools
Arizona State deploys G Suite in less than two weeks
The Arlington Independent School District breaks down barriers of access with G Suite and Chromebooks
Bloomington Public Schools use G Suite and Chromebooks to transform learning
Boise State University saves $90,000 annually through G Suite for Education
Brittany Wenger wrote an algorithm to better detect breast cancer
Brooklyn Prospect Charter students tackle global issues in the classroom with Google for Education tools
Brown University creates a collaborative community of independent thinkers.
Canberra Public Schools empower students to "Learn, Anywhere" with G Suite for Education and Chromebooks
Carmel Catholic High School creates engaging, interactive classes with Google tools
Carroll School helps students overcome learning disabilities with Google for Education
Challenge to Excellence students explore the world with Android tablets
Chicago Public Schools makes learning more interactive using G Suite for Education
Chromebooks are helping students at CSG De Waard learn skills for the 21st century.
Churston Ferrers Grammar School sees a communication revolution with G Suite and Chromebooks
We are transforming our approach to teaching and learning
Innovative Clarkstown Central School District helps Google create its newest product, Classroom
Coleg Cambria transforms teaching and learning with Chromebooks and G Suite
Mexico City’s Colegio Banting provides quality education for all students using Google Apps, Classroom and Chromebooks
Chromebooks at Columbus State University’s Simon Schwob Memorial Library
CCSD59 turns students into critical thinkers, ready for the world
Teaching with Chromebooks is now standard at Corlaer College
Cramlington Learning Village encourages students to be independent learners
Chromebooks help customize the learning experience for students
David Ross Education Trust develops a tech-savvy community with Chromebooks and Google for Education
Del Mar Union dramatically improved students' writing skills
Using technology to help transform teaching in Romania
Dublin Unified School District eliminates IT issues, empowers student and teacher collaboration with Google Apps for Education and Google Classroom
Edmonton Public Schools builds collaborative learning with Google Apps for Education
Google for Education facilitates learning at minimal operating costs for Faabourg-Midtfyn
The Fessenden School is Blazing Technology Trails with Chromebooks for Education
Fontbonne Hall Academy lets students lead the way with Google
Forsyth County Schools discovers new ways to collaborate and save time with Google Apps for Education
Google Apps Boosts Parental Involvement at Fountainhead Global School
Fountainhead School creates engaging classrooms with Chromebooks and Google Apps
Georgetown University connects the community on campus and beyond
Google Science Fair 2014 Global Finalists combat world hunger using bacteria
Gowerton School uses Google Apps for Education to transform learning
Chromebooks transform Digital History Class at Hartford High School
The Highland Council puts students and teachers at the heart of learning with Google for Education tools
Hillsborough Township goes 1:1 with Android tablets and Google Play for Education
Chromebook brings advanced science lessons to students in Hiroo Gakuen
Huntsville Independent School District helps close the digital divide with Chromebooks and Google Apps
Chromebooks brought global standards of ICT education to ICU
K-2 teachers at Indian Valley Local Schools use Android tablets to build digital literacy
Google Apps enhances innovation at Nairobi’s Inoorero University
Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy (IPACA) pushes the boundaries of 21st century learning with G Suite and Chromebooks
Jackson Preparatory School helps teachers achieve work-life balance with Google for Education
Jeff Davis County Schools modernizes a rural school district with Google Apps for Education
The Jesuits’ Schools support its student education in digital skills with Chromebooks.
John Monash Science School courses go virtual with Google Apps for Education
Ms. Kornowski Uses Apps to Reach Out to Her Students
Google Chromebooks help prepare students for a new era of digital learning at King Solomon Academy
Kipp Academy of Opportunity uses Google for Education for personalized learning and increased engagement
KIPP Bridge Charter School empowers scholars using tablets with GPFE
Google Chromebooks for Education enhance KIPP LA Schools mission of innovation
Kendriya Vidyalaya raises students’ engagement and performance with Chromebooks
At Lake Catholic High School, students think creatively
Lee County Schools personalizes learning using Google Apps for Education, Google Classroom and Chromebooks
Leyden High School’s Digital Evolution with Chromebooks for Education
Students at Lincoln Park Public Schools travel the virtual world with Google Apps for Education
Maine Township High School District migrates to Google Apps
Malachi excels at his school in NC with the speed & simplicity of Chromebooks and Google Apps
FrogAsia uses Chromebooks to connect every student, teacher and parent in Malaysia
Massapequa Public Schools encourages students and teachers to think differently about learning with Google Apps for Education and Chromebooks
Mindanao State University adopts Google Apps for Education to teach students innovation, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.
Mounds View Public Schools prepare kindergartners for success with Android tablets
North Carolina State University makes teaching and learning more collaborative and creative with Google Apps
North Country School Brings Learning into the 21st Century with Google Chromebooks for Education
Notre Dame saves $1.5 million and increases student satisfaction by 36%
Paganel Primary School turns to Google Chromebooks to make laptop use in the classroom as simple as picking up a pencil
Passaic City Public Schools expands learning with Google Chromebooks for Education
Indonesia’s Petra Christian University Migrates Students to Google Apps for Edu
Philippines Education Commission Migrates to Google Apps for Edu
Point England School improves literacy outcomes with Google Apps for Education
Rebild Kommun uses IT to assist teaching and learning practices
1TWO1 Initiative Prepares Richland School District Two for the Future
RN Podar School imparts future skills with Google Apps for Education
Rochester City School District teaches students lifelong technology skills using Google for Education tools
L’Ensemble Scolaire Saint Jacques de Compostelle develops new approaches to learning with Google Apps for Education
Sollentuna saves time and money while collaborative learning flourishes with Google for Education
Middle schoolers in Vermont used tablets to improve local trails
St. Columba Anglican School uses Google Apps for Education and Google Classroom to help students teach each other
St. Jude Catholic School upgrades to the cloud with Google for Education without raising tuition
St. Julians in Wales adopted Google Apps to allow teachers and students to access their work from any device
Strathmore University improves learning with Google Apps for Education
Success of 1:1 deployment in the senior school years has the Streetly Academy scoping full device deployment across the entire school
University of Michigan unifies 19 schools under a culture of collaboration with Google Apps for Education
University of Minnesota deploys Google Apps to all students, staff, and alumni – with an expected annual savings of between $2-3 million
The University of Pretoria experiences significant savings
Upper Grand School District uses Android and Google Play for Education to teach students anytime anywhere
Vanderbilt saves $750,000 annually with Google Apps and the Google Search Appliance
Vedruna schools will save up to €600,000 in the next 4 years due to the elimination of maintenance and licensing costs.
Warwickshire College Group brings international experts to the classroom with Google Apps for Education and Classroom
Waukegan Public Schools encourages students to take charge of their learning using Google for Education tools
Wesleyan University reduces data storage costs and reallocates IT resources
How the Cloud Helps Westlake Charter Schools Create a Positive Learning Environment
White Bear Lake Schools prepare students for lifelong learning with G Suite and Chromebooks for Education
Wilson School District transforms traditional classrooms into digital learning environments with Google for Education
Windsor Southeast Supervisory Union rolls out 1:1 Chromebooks program to increase collaboration
Mrs Nuñez doesn't let surgery keep her from her classroom
Seiko Gakuen makes learning English fun and easy with Google for Education tools
Gakugei University High School develops critical thinking skills by going 1:1 with Chromebooks
Kawagoe Hatsukari in Saitama prefecture implements active learning with Chromebooks
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