We are transforming our approach to teaching and learning

In my 30 years of teaching I cannot think of a piece of educational technology that has been more powerful in transforming the way that we are able to approach teaching and learning.

Principal Jim Henderson, City Heights E-Act Academy


City Heights is known for its diversity, in terms of ethnic background and household income. More than 50 percent of City Heights students are eligible for free school meals. With a diverse student body, City Heights wanted to provide students with equal opportunities for learning, but teachers and students struggled to work together. They couldn’t collaborate easily outside the classroom or share resources to help one another.


When City Heights evaluated technology solutions when it opened in 2013, they prioritized collaboration capabilities and universal access. That year, they piloted G Suite for Education, and within six months introduced G Suite schoolwide. In 2014 the school rolled out Classroom and 330 Chromebooks, and at that point, they had more Chromebooks than students. One year later they added 60 Chromebooks. “As a new school opening in 2013, my vision has been to use the latest collaborative technologies to help staff and students work more efficiently and for students to be able to work collaboratively and share their learning,” says Jim Henderson, principal at City Heights. “The Google platform has enabled my staff to be very creative in making this happen.”