The Fessenden School is Blazing Technology Trails with Chromebooks for Education

Give a child an intuitive computer and compelling multimedia software, and then watch their imaginations take flight. Chromebooks and Google Apps provide that potent combination.

Alexandra Mcmullen, language arts teacher


Before using Chromebooks for Education, the IT staff at the Fessenden School dealt with constant maintenance on their software and operating system, among other issues. Valuable time was being wasted calling software reps or configuring new computers. The staff was looking for devices that would provide cost savings, reliability, protection from viruses, intuitive use, and opportunities for innovation and collaboration.


The Fessenden School eagerly welcomed the chance to become one of the country’s first three schools to begin using Google Chromebooks for Education. The cloud-based technology was exactly what the school needed, and they started with 55 devices. Students immediately grasped the concept of collaborative work with Google Docs, and used Google Apps extensively for spreadsheets, presentations, and multimedia projects. Teachers found that both the quality and quantity of student writing increased dramatically. They used Google Calendar for scheduling, and a variety of Google Apps in the classroom for quizzes, feedback, and more.