Thanks to the advice and support of the Google team, the transition was done seamlessly, with not one existing user losing data, and no connectivity issues.

David Ajowi, Webmaster for IU


In 2009, Inoorero University (IU) recognized that it had outgrown its legacy web-based email system, which was failing to meet the demands of the growing campus. The user interface was outdated and lacked collaborative features. To update the system would prove costly and time-consuming. The IU board believed that these issues were hindering learning and research, and needed to be addressed urgently. They also wanted to reduce IT expenditures.


By switching to Google Apps for Education, which is free and hosted online, IU was able to accomplish its goals. The learning experience improved for students, real-time collaboration occurred, and IT administration and maintenance costs were lowered tremendously. Now the university has fully embraced the suite of tools offered by Google Apps-- including Gmail, Docs, Talk, and Video. Many students have registered their mobile numbers to their Google accounts, so they can receive SMS notifications about schedules and deadlines. They have also been running virtual meetings via Google Groups. And lecturers have set up their own Google sites to post assignments and share class materials.