Kawagoe Hatsukari in Saitama prefecture implements active learning with Chromebooks

Students are more engaged with collaborative learning model using Google for Education tools. And establishing a teachers’ community in Kawagoe city, I see enthusiasm (to use ICT) in the district.

Shinji Yamada, Saitama prefectural Kawagoe Hatsukari High school, Math teacher


Students of Kawagoe Hatsukari High School in Saitama prefecture come from various background and hence, their willingness to learn varies massively. The school wanted an ICT solution to engage the students and a way to support their teachers to effectively deliver such lessons.


Kawagoe Hatsukari High School initiated collaborative learning pilot with G Suite for Education and 40 Chromebooks. Working together and solving problems as a team motivated students to take ownership of their learning. A teachers’ community, Google Educator Group Kawagoe, was established to share the lesson plans among teachers in Kawagoe area via Google+ to support teachers in delivering ICT based lessons. Based on the positive pilot results, an additional 10 schools in Saitama deployed 400 Chromebooks.