Leyden High School’s Digital Evolution with Chromebooks for Education

As educators, it’s our responsibility to prepare our students for their future, and we’re on that path with Google Chromebooks for Education.

Jason Markey, Principal, East Leyden High School


Leyden High School recognized the need to bring the Web into the classroom, allowing for a more collaborative and personalized learning environment, and wanted to provide each student with a personal device. The school district had used netbooks in the past, but they were slow, prone to freezing, and often lost Internet connection. The staff needed a solution that was affordable, dependable, low-maintenance, and with a long battery life--sufficient to last throughout the school day.


In 2011, the school piloted 300 Google Chromebooks for Education, which offered a web-based operating system and an easy alternative to traditional PCs. The following year, all students (grades 9 - 12) received a new Chromebook as part of the school’s Chromebooks for Education 1:1 Initiative. Both students and teachers discovered the benefits of working with the new devices, in conjunction with Google Apps for Education. There was no need to spend money on software or maintenance, which was cost-effective. The school could focus attention and resources on learning, and introduced a new technology course for tech-savvy students to sharpen their skills. Overall, Leyden was able to create a more interactive and dynamic learning environment, as students received ongoing feedback during projects from peers and teachers through Google Docs. Students also connected to web-based video editing programs, mathematics applications, and more, both in the classroom and at home.