Success of 1:1 deployment in the senior school years has the Streetly Academy scoping full device deployment across the entire school

We realized we could use Google Classroom to see work as it progressed, so students and teachers could get involved in the creation of a project at a much earlier stage.

Andrew Caffrey, Assistant Headteacher for Data and Technologies, The Streetly Academy


As The Streetly Academy began to identify ways to boost academics and create a stronger culture of learning and collaboration, educators turned their attention to small improvements that would have significant impact. “Our goal was marginal gain, which could come from many places and could add up to real change,” says Andrew Caffrey, assistant headteacher for data and technologies at The Streetly Academy. He and other Streetly educators realized that technology-based learning could help the school lift achievement, values and teamwork – everything it was striving for.


As part of its goal of improving the school, the academy had established “Project Streetly” to get students more involved in school initiatives — including student “digital leaders,” who are enthusiastic about technology. When the school decided to purchase 800 Chromebooks for students in years 10, 11, 12, and 13, the Project Streetly digital leaders tested the devices and gave feedback to Caffrey and his colleagues. “They love the fast startup of the Chromebooks – they lift the lid and they’re working,” Caffrey says. “Some of the older laptops we had in our computer labs took forever to start.”